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Formal Position

2012-  Founder & CEO, Expert Science Institute, inc.

2014-  Visiting Professor, Korea National Open University

2012-2013  Research Director, interworks, Inc.

2006-2011  Associate Professor, Department of Social Psychology, Toyo University

2004-2005  Associate Professor, Department of Information and Management Science, Sanno University

2002-2005  Manager in HRM Research Center, The Sanno Institute of Management

1998-2001  Researcher in HRM Research Center, The Sanno Institute of Management

1996-2000  System Designer and Developer for HRM, The Sanno Institute of Management

1991-1995  Sales of HRM Programs and Consulting, The Sanno Institute of Management

1989-1990  HRM Planner, The Sanno Institute of Management (Management Consulting Firm)


Governmental Activities

2015-  Committee Member, Japan ISO PC288 Quality in Educational Organization 

2014-  Head of Delegation, Japan National Body of ISO/IEC SC36

2013-2015  National Committee of Renewable Energy Skills Standard Development (GPSS)

2013-2014  National Committee of Future Vision for ICT Professionals

2010  Tokyo Metropolitan Government Committee of Social Infrastructure Skills Standard (InfraSS)

2008-2009  Researcher in IPA (National Institute)

2008  National Committee of Beauty and Healthcare Skills Standard

2007-2010  National Committee of Embedded Technology Software Skills Standard (ETSS)

2007-2008  Delegation of ISO TC236, Project Management

2005  National Committee of Bio-Technology Skills Standard

2001-  Delegation of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36, IT for Learning, Education and Training

2001-  National Committee of Information Technology Skills Standard (ITSS)


International and Industrial Activities

2017-  Co-Convenor, ISO/IEC SC36 WG5 

2013-  Committee Member of Upstream Professionals in ICT, Japan Institute of Information Technology.

2010-  Japan Delegation of AESM LLL (Asia-Europe Meeting Life-Long Learning Network Hub)

2009-  Chief Editor on ISO/IEC 20006s: Competency Information Model

2008-2010  Chair of Skills Management SWG, Object Management Group (OMG)

2002-  Vice President of The Society for Human Resources Markup Language (HRMLs)

2003-2005  Chair of Quality Management WG, Asia E-learning Network (AEN)

2005-  Chief Editor on ISO/IEC 19796s(40180s): Quality management for IT for Learning, Education and Training


Academic Roles

2013-2016 Program Committee, IEEE International Conferrnece on Advanced Learning & Training  

2010-  Editorial Member, Journal of Information Processing

2009-  Committee Member of Technology Standards for Educational Information and System (in JSiSE)

2007-2008  Board Member, Japan Association of Project Management

2006-2012  Board Member, Japan Society for Information and System in Education (JSiSE)

2000-2003  Chief Editor, Journal of Social Motivation

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